Attention: Professional Service Providers How to scientifically optimize your marketing and create an unlimited marketing budget

Generating new professional services clients can be both expensive and time-consuming. As we move into a marketplace where effective communication is critical, developing a strategic selling process is more important than ever.

It's not how much you spend on marketing that's important, it's getting a good return on your investment of time and money.

In this "roll up your sleeves" webinar, we will be discussing how to implement a profitable client acquisition strategy from lead to a sale.

  • Top Funnel, generating leads cost-effectively is critical, but 90% of leads are just not ready to buy. It doesn't mean they are not qualified, it just means you need to nurture and educate them.
  • Middle Funnel, creating a great nurture system, means educating and tracking your leads and they get to know, like and trust you. And when they're ready they can be moved to...
  • Bottom of Funnel. This is where it's all about your sales presentation and ability to close.

By focusing on the 3 key elements you'll be able to create an accountable and profitable marketing system.

Join our panel of experts while we show you how to get each element of your sales funnel working together and make sure you are getting great results.

The Presenters:

Optimize your marketing spend by integrating and automating your sales and marketing processes.

Peter Burgess | Process Culture

Often when investing in Marketing businesses lack real visibility as to what works. For many businesses, it can be a real challenge to understand where their money is going... By integrating sales and marketing systems (for example connecting your website or landing page to a marketing automation tool and your CRM) and automating key processes you'll be able to track what works - and what doesn't. You'll be able to direct your marketing spend to the 20% of initiatives that produce 80% of results rather than the other way around.

Peter is a programmer and technologist with over 20 years of experience working in technology and consulting roles with clients in a range of industries both private and public sectors in Australia and Europe.  Since 2004, Peter has been based in Victoria, Australia where he worked in consulting roles mainly in Melbourne. Peter founded Olivitek Software, a regional provider of custom software for business in 2010 and Process Culture, a provider of sales and technology solutions in 2019.

Which Marketing Channel is likely to work best for your B2B Business and Sales Cycle?

Jan Rautenbach | Kvell

Many business owners are often not sure where their marketing spend should go. It is all very well simply generating lots of leads. Sometimes the buyer journey requires lots of touchpoints and depending on the type of product and service being offered, relationships need nurturing at different levels of the target customer's organisation.

Jan Rautenbach has over 16 years of experience as a Marketing Strategist & consultant. He assists clients to devise a comprehensive and integrated digital marketing strategy, that integrates different channels online to create many touch-points, including content marketing to create and build trust and leads to a positive ROI on marketing spend for clients. Kvell has helped many businesses grow by providing marketing solutions for both B2B and B2C companies, Some of Kvell's clients are technology companies expanded to, or in the USA, as well as several different business types locally, including accounting, bookkeeping, industrial, software, business services. 

How to create a frictionless sales process to double the conversation rate.

David Guest | Outcomes Business Group

It takes 7 touchpoints for your prospect to know, like and trust you. Having a bulletproof sales process that takes your prospect on a journey where the only logical answer is "yes" will reduce your sales time and increase your conversations rate. In this presentation, I will take you through the tips and techniques that I have gleaned over the last 30 years in sales to make your sales "frictionless".

David is no stranger to business - Having over 30 years of business experience in over 10 different businesses and diverse industries has given him the intimate understanding and  knowledge of what businesses need to be successful. David is regularly ranked in the top 2% of Business Coaches Worldwide and is an internationally recognised presenter and business expert, with multiple awards to his name.

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